The best trend keyword, which is based on innovative and creative design, is the practical new "colors" that customers want to match with the clothes of their own. The silhouette of the new mood is the main axis.

Although fashion has a natural limit to its origin, the collections of designers, which are introduced through fashion week each time, are more familiar with the changes of the times, and they are familiar and emit something new. Next year, I will meet with 8 trend keywords that are expected to become fashionable through the collection look of the designer.

1. Romantic mood

In fact, the spring season, when flowers bloom, is the best season for a romantic mood. It is only regretful that the spring season, in which the romantic mood can be enjoyed, will shorten due to the recent extreme climate in which summer and winter become longer and spring and autumn become shorter. The ruffle detail in a romantic atmosphere, sleeves with a sense of volume, and an elegant dress with victorian style, inspired by the dress that you want to wear next spring, are sure to spring into the romantic mood of next spring season. If you have a more romantic touch on the feminine dress you wore so far, you can easily enjoy the romantic mood.